Recumbent bike meeting 2009 – invitation

When:           September 10th13th, 2009

Where:         campsite Svatá Kateřina;

Campsite is located in between two villages, Vítězná and Chotěvice. It is circa 10km far north from the town Dvůr Králové nad Labem and 10km south-west from the town Trutnov.

Accommodation: in a house, bungalows or in tents. There is a restaurant to get a proper meal.

Programm in brief

ThursdaySeptember 10th, 2009 -      accommodating, discussion, presentation of photos and films

FridaySeptember 11th, 2009 -           mountain trip

                                                                route: Jánské Lázně, Pec pod Sněžkou, Trutnov

download: MAP(pdf) TRACK(zip)

SaturdaySeptember 12th, 2009 -       The river Elbe trip

                                                                route: Nemojov, Les Království, ZOO, Dvůr Králové (break - warm lunch),

                                                                Kuks, Ferdinandov, Kocbeře, Sandorie, Vítězná

download: MAP(pdf) TRACK(zip)

snail race and excursion in the brewery

SundaySeptember 13th, 2009 morning - racing up hill and other fun

You can also book the accommodation individually for longer term – there are many nice places which you should visit.

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We are looking forward to meeting you here!
Recumbent riders from Under-Giant-Mountains
Lay down!*

* Lay down is translation from Czech  - LEHNI! – the official recumbent rider´s greeting in the Czech Republic.



kontakt: Jan Kábrt